Nazira (KZ)

カザフスタンのアルマティを拠点に活動するNaziraは、「ニュー・イースト」、旧ソ連圏における新たなエレクトロニック.ミュージック・ムーブメントを牽引する輝かしく頼もしい存在だ。2016年にポーランドの先進的音楽フェスティバル〈Unsound〉がキルギスタンのビシュケクとタジキスタンのドゥシャンペで開催した〈Unsound: Dislocation〉に出演したことをきっかけに欧米での注目を集め、Mixmag、Pitchfork、Resident Advisorといった重要メディアに紹介される。地元アルマティでは2016年から〈ZVUK〉というDIYイベントをオーガナイズし、レジデントDJを務める傍ら、Via App、An-i、Giant Swan、Don’t DJといった一癖も二癖もある気鋭アーティストたちを彼女の地元に招聘し、自らの手でシーンを築き上げている。レフトフィールドなテクノ、エレクトロ、アシッド、インダストリアルなどの尖ったサウンドをパワフルにミックスしていくまだ20代とは思えないDJとしてのスキルも、まだまだ今後の伸びしろを感じさせる。現在はオンライン・ラジオ、Radio Cómemeで月一のレギュラー番組を担当し、ベルリンの先進的パーティー、Room 4 Resistanceのレジンデントも務め、ヨーロッパを中心に活躍中。日本には初の訪問となる。

Nazira is an indelible piece of the New East movement — a shining example of post-Soviet experiential experimentation within the wondrous electronic underground that nests comfortably in Almaty. She came onto the radar in 2016 through her Unsound: Dislocation sets in Bishek and Dushabe and shortly thereafter debuted at the main festival in Krakow. From then on, Nazira began to draw attention from patrons worldwide through her adaptable approach to DJing, delivering emotive and expansive narratives with her sets, with sounds and selections that are unique and consistently memorable; so much so that she has been featured in Mixmag, Pitchfork and Resident Advisor.
Between making waves for publications, she has also established herself within the Almaty scene as a beacon for burgeoning DJs and performers with ZVUK, a DIY event series that makes its home wherever the vibe will take it. Since it began in August 2016, the series has welcomed explorative sounds and inclusivity for self-expression. Most recently, between shows across the European continent, Nazira played the venerable Room 4 Resistance event series at ://about blank in Berlin and is now a regular presence there as a resident. In addition to that, Nazira also established a rapport with Radio Cómeme; initially beginning with her encapsulating “Shameless Dancing” mixtape in late 2017, which has now evolved into a monthly radio show entitled “Theory of Nothing.” Moving forward, the Almaty-based artist is only going to become more noticed for her tactful approach to DJing whilst effortlessly traveling between left-field techno, electro, acid and industrial with smiles all along the way. There’s a reason why hearing Nazira stays with you long after its over – it’s a cherished memory; longing to be lived time and time again.




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